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The most valuable piece of clothing is always done by hand

Handmade gloves from Naples

About Our Company

Founded in 1960 by Epifanio Labonia, LAB s.r.l. is an Italian family business specializing in traditional leather gloves. Now led by the second generation, Giuseppe and Daniela, LAB produces high-quality gloves from premium leathers and linings. With an annual production of 150,000 pairs, LAB supplies renowned designer brands and prestigious department stores worldwide.

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Whether you seek a timeless classic or a fashion-forward statement piece, Labonia Store offers a wide range of designs to suit every style. Experience the unparalleled comfort, impeccable fit, and undeniable sophistication that Labonia gloves are renowned for. Visit our online shop today

A History of Prestige and Neapolitan Excellence

Discover the ancient origins of gloves, worn by civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Lombards as symbols of prestige. In the Middle Ages, gloves held great symbolic value and were used in ceremonies and challenges. France played a key role in making gloves a fashionable accessory. However, it was in Naples, Italy, where glove manufacturing reached its pinnacle of artistry and beauty.

Our Philosophy

The creation of a glove is defined by multiple passages: the choice of the leather, the colour, the layout of the model, the application of the valued accessories, until the final packaging.
This is done thanks to the mastery of the craftsmen, who carry out their job with expertise and passion.

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It is crucial to find the perfect size for your gloves to ensure optimal dexterity. The right glove size allows for unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit. Remember, a well-fitted glove enhances your grip, control, and overall performance in various activities or tasks.

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142 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY, United States, 10583

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Whatsapp USA: +1 (914) 817-2161
Whatsapp Italy: +39 375 688 5045